Bachelor of Chemical Engineering Technology



Learners will acquire basic and specialized knowledge of Chemical engineering technology; achieve excellent workmanship, technological thinking in experimental chemistry, ability to apply knowledge of production, innovate and develop new products, doing scientific research, and teaching.

Sumary Detail

Fulltime: 4 years (8 semesters)

Total credit: 135 credits

Training Result

After graduation, learners will be able to:

- Operate and manage processes, production lines and machinery related to chemical technology.

- Work as technical staff in the product quality control department of most companies and factories such as chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides, iron and steel, metallurgy, cement, plastics, housewares, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, foods, animal food, agricultural products, pigments and additives, etc.

- Work as researchers and science managers at scientific research institutes, universities, academies, science and technology centers, provincial or municipal science and technology offices, and Chemistry key labs.

- Teach Chemical engineering modules at universities, colleges, vocational trainning schools.

- Study, innovate and develop new products in production facilities, companies, factories, related to chemistry and applied products of chemistry

- Work as specialists in such analytical centers as environmental monitoring stations, health and wellness centers, pharmaceutical testing centers, etc.