Welcome to Thai Nguyen University of Sciences!

First of all, on behalf of the Board of Administrators of Thai Nguyen University of Sciences (TNUS), I would like to wish a good health, happiness, and success for all universities, institutes, organizations, enterprises, localities, and students.

As a member of Thai Nguyen University (TNU), TNUS has a mission from its birth to train and foster staff with bachelor or postgraduate degrees of natural and social sciences, including: Bachelor of Mathematics and Computer  Science, Physics, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Biology, Biotechnology, Geography, History, Literature, Science in Management , Social Work; Master of Mathematics, Biology, Doctor of Biochemistry, and Mathematics.

With preeminent training programs, as well as young, qualified, and enthusiastic faculties, the university aims at helping students with their future achievements. In the past 15 years, graduate students have found the right job with stable incomes. They are accepted by the labor market for their firm knowledge, research ability, independent thinking, professional working style and sense of continuous learning.

Beside the training programs, scientific research is strength of the TNUS. Many scientific research projects of the staffs and students were successfully implemented; over 200 research articles have been published in domestic and foreign journals; many textbooks were published; more than 20 reference materials have been compiled and applied in practical teaching at TNU. This also proves that the ability of technology transfer, training cooperation is another advantage of the university.

The university commits to developing a healthy educational environment, open working mechanism, and priority for talent employment strategy. TNUS will be the cradle of success for students and researchers, development and prosperity for organizations, enterprises, and localities.

Developing TNUS to become a key university of TNU and the region is not only the aspiration of the staffs and students but also for the common sake of agencies, research institutes, universities and the whole society. Therefore, we are looking forward to receiving more and more cooperation and supports from domestic and international organizations, agencies, enterprises, and students.

Many thanks and best regards.