Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Chemistry



Learners will master basic and specialized knowledge of chemistry, biochemistry, and pharmaceutics; apply knowledge into scientific research, teaching and manufacturing;

Mastering professional knowledge, and other areas in the Pharmaceutics to practice immediately in reality; fully apply the requirements of some important areas and facilities in practice: Research institutes; Universities and Colleges that utilize the knowledge of chemistry; Production and quality control establishments, medical facilities, etc; have full access to practice in laboratories, modern pharmacies during the learning process to gain professional experience before graduation.

Sumary Detail

Fulltime: 4 years (8 semesters)

Total credit: 135 credits

Training Result

After graduation, learners will be able to:

- Work as technical and business staff in factories manufacturing pharmaceuticals, medicine ingredients and functional foods.

- Work at local and central drug testing centers such as the central drug-testing institute, provincial health and wellness centers, hospitals, testing laboratories, which have the function of testing and standardizing pharmaceuticals, etc.

- Monitor pharmaceuticals in such departments as: health departments, national drug administration, management of pharmaceutical market, etc.

- Do research at institutes of pharmacy, medicine, pharmaceutics, biopharmacy, chemistry and biology.

- Work as teachers at universities, colleges, vocational training schools of pharmaceutics, pharmaceutical industry, and pharmacist.