Bachelor of Chemistry



Learners will acquire basic and specialized knowledge of Chemistry, solid workmanship in chemical experimentation, ability to apply knowledge in scientific research, teaching and manufacturing.

Sumary Detail

Fulltime: 4 years (8 semesters)

Total credit: 135 credits

Training Result

After graduation, learners will be able to:

-  Work as researchers and science managers at scientific research institutes, universities, academies, science and technology centers, provincial science and technology offices and Chemistry key labs.

- Teach chemistry at universities, academies, colleges, vocational schools and high schools.

- Work as a researcher to improve and develop new products in production facilities, factories, companies related to chemistry and application of chemical products such as working in a pharmaceuticals, food, cosmetics manufacturing factories; petrochemical complexes, oil and gas stations; battery factories; companies manufacturing and processing electronic components, paint, coating, powder, plastics, metals, fertilizers, pesticides, etc.

- Work as a technician in the product quality control department of most companies, factories such as: iron and steel, metallurgy, fertilizer, cement, plastics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, alcohols, foods, cattle food, agricultural products, cotton fabric, etc.
- Work as an expert in research and analytical centers such as environmental monitoring stations, health and wellness centers, pharmaceutical testing centers, etc.