Faculty of Chemistry


The Faculty of Chemistry was established on 20th July, 2010.

Organizational structure and staff

The Faculty of Chemistry has 29 full-time staffs, four part-time staffs including 2 Assoc. Professors, 7 PhDs, 17 Masters, 7 PhD candidates, 4 Bachelors.

The organizational structure is composed of 1 Dean, 2 Vice Deans.

The Faculty has four majors: Analytical Chemistry, Organic - Pharmaceutical Chemistry, and Inorganic - Physical Chemistry, Technical - Environmental Chemistry.

Training programs

1. Bachelor programs

Bachelor of Chemistry

Full-time course, duration - 4 years; Majors including Organic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Inorganic - Physical Chemistry.

Bachelor of Chemical Engineering Technology

Full-time course, duration - 4 years; Majors including: Inorganic Material Chemistry, Applied Organic Chemistry, Chemistry and Environment, Technology of Chemical Processes. 

Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Full-time course, duration - 4 years; Majors including Pharmacy, Synthetic Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Analysis and Standardization of Medicinal Materials.

2. Master programs

Analytical Chemistry

Course duration - 2 years; Diploma: Master of Chemistry in Analytical Chemistry.

Teaching staff with doctoral degree

No. Full name Contact Research orientation

Assoc.Prof. Duong Nghia Bang

Phone: +84.963666616

Email: duongbang2009@gmail.com

Synthesis of new aromatic cyclic and heterocyclic compounds, study their biological activity

2 Assoc.Prof. Nguyen Dang Duc

Phone: +84.912477836

Email: ducnd@tnu.edu.vn

- Analysis of toxins in the environment;

- Analysis of food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics.


Dr. Pham The Chinh

Phone: +84.988113933

Email: chemistry20069@gmail.com

Investigating, searching, synthesizing, and filtering natural compounds with precious biological properties (anti-cancer, HIV, etc.)

Dr. Vuong Truong Xuan

Phone: +84.965 478187

Email: vuongtruongxuan@gmail.com

- Analytical chemistry methods for determining metals such as ICP-MS, AAS.

- Soil science, Carbon stock in soil, Organic matters in soil.

- Heavy Metal contamination in soil, plant and water.

5 Dr. Bui Minh Quy

Phone: +84.915836448

Email: bminhquy09@gmail.com

Synthesizing composite materials used in environment.

Dr. Truong Thi Thao

Phone: +84.915216469

Email: thao.truong671@gmail.com

Electrochemical materials and anti-corrosion technology for metal protecting

Dr. Nguyen Dinh Vinh

Phone: +84.915589290

Email: nguyenvinhkhtn@gmail.com

- Synthesizing and characterizing materials used in pharmacy and environment protection.

- Investigating and utilizing materials for green agriculture.


Dr. Pham Thi Thu Ha

Phone: +84.972998955

Email: hpthuha410@gmail.com

- Analysis of trace amounts, super trace amounts, the form of existence of matter.

- Analysis of toxins in the environment;

- Analysis of food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics.


1. Scientific research

The Faculty of Chemistry is one of the best units in international publications in TNU. Each year, the staffs of Chemistry Faculty are the Chairmen of many projects at State, Ministry, and University level in the field of Chemistry.

During the period 2006-2017, the faculty members have been leading 6 State and Ministry-level projects, 11 university-level projects, and many other grassroots level’s; publishing 5 text books, publishing more than 20 papers in international journals of SCI, SCIE; nearly 100 articles in prestigious national academic journals. 

2. International cooperation

The Faculty of Chemistry has association in training with a number of prestigious national and abroad universities and research institutes such as:

- Thai Nguyen University of Education

- University of Natural Sciences - Hanoi National University

- Institute of Chemistry - Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology

- Vietnam Petroleum Institute

- Institute of Physical Chemistry - Organic Chemistry, University of Southern Russia

- Institute of Marine Chemistry, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology

- Ghent University, Belgium

Website: Faculty of Chemistry