Faculty of Tourism


The Faculty of Tourism was established on 29th March, 2018.

Website: http://dulich.tnus.edu.vn

Email:    dulich@tnus.edu.vn

At present, the Faculty has 25 full-time officials and lecturers. The Faculty of Tourism is made up of 3 divisions: Tourism, Tourism and Travel Management, Tourism geography.

Training programs

Bachelor of Tourism

Full-time course, duration 4 years; Diploma “Bachelor of Tourism”.

After completion of the training, the tourism graduates will be equipped with competencies (knowledge, skills and attitudes) in planning, development and management of tourism, leisure and recreation resources in ways that enhance sustainable tourism and general development. Graduates of Bachelor of Tourism programs have built the skills and knowledge necessary to start careers and have many opportunities in areas such as hotels, travel agencies, resorts, among many others.

Bachelor of Tourism and Travel management

Full-time course, duration 4 years; Diploma “Bachelor of Tourism and Travel Management”.

 The program offers a comprehensive set of core requirements and practical experiences that provide solid foundations in business management, tourism science, tourism geography, hotel management, travel management, event management,  operations and more. Preparing you to excel and lead in the biggest industry in the world. It qualifies graduates to take over specialist and managerial positions in the tourism and travel industry as well as to pursue a Master's degree course.

Bachelor of Tourism geography

Full-time course, duration 4 years; Diploma “Tourism geography”.

These programs are designed to meet the needs of a rapidly evolving tourism industry and incorporate a co-op option and internships as well as professional and field experiences for students. The program aims at giving knowledge of the Tourism geography in its various aspects. Graduates will be equipped with competencies (knowledge, skills and attitudes) and will be well prepared for career opportunities in a variety of tourism and hospitality businesses, and in public, commercial and non-profit organization.

Teaching staff with doctoral degree


No. Full name E-mail address Research fields

Assoc.Prof. Pham Thi Phuong Thai

Deputy Rector, Dean

Mobile: +84.913354944 Email: phamphuongthai@gmail.com  - Literature: Vietnamese Literature, Ethnic Literature - Culture: Ethnic minority cultures; Culture and tourism

Dr. Chu Thanh Huy

Deputy Dean

 Email: huyct@tnus.edu.vn Mobile: +84.945374116  - Environment and sustainable development - Tourism geography
3 Dr. Phung Thi Phuong Nga Deputy Dean  Email: phungphuongnga@gmail.com Mobile: + 84.915141514  - Literature: Foreign literature - Culture: Organizational culture
4 Dr. Do Thi Van Huong  Email: huongdtv@tnus.edu.vn Mobile: +84.917758595  - Environment and sustainable development - Tourism geography
5 Dr. Luong Thi Hanh Email: hanhlt@tnus.edu.vn Mobile: +84.914892999 - Cultural Anthropology - Tourism - History
6 Dr. Mai Thi Hong Vinh Email: vinhmth@tnus.edu.vn Mobile: + 84.982050611 - Cultural Anthropology - Tourism - History


Scientific research is strength of the Faculty. Many scientific research projects of the staffs and students were successfully implemented. Many research articles have been published in domestic and foreign journals.

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