Faculty of Natural Resources and Environment


The Faculty was established on 02nd April, 2006 and renamed to Natural Resources and Environment in 2018.

Organizational and structure staff

The Faculty has 31 full-time lecturers, including 8 PhD.; 10 PhD. candidates; 11 Masters, 2 Bachelors. In addition, the faculty often has visiting professors from University of Natural Sciences, Hanoi National University; Vietnamese Academy of Science and Technology; Hanoi University of Education; Institutes, Centers, Members of Thai Nguyen University.

The faculty has 4 majors: Environmental Technology, Resources Management, Geography, Environmental Management.

1. Bachelor programs

Environmental Sciences

Full-time course, duration - 4 years; Diploma “Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science”. Learners are equipped with full knowledge and skills to work in the field of environmental protection such as environmental management, environmental technology, sustainable development, and climate change; have basic knowledge of natural and social sciences; acquire English knowledge to read professional documents in environment to support their work and scientific research; be capable of doing research and working in the fields of technologies for the treatment of waste water, solid waste, air pollution; environmental monitoring; environmental analysis; environmental impact assessment; environmental management, environmental economics

Natural Resources and Environmental Management

Full-time course, duration - 4 years; Diploma “Bachelor of Science in Natural Resources and Environmental Management”.

Graduates will be equipped with interdisciplinary knowledge of managing, utilizing, and recycling resources; Preserving biodiversity, protecting environment, and sustainable development. The training program is always updated to help learners get access to urgent issues of natural resources management (land, water, forests, minerals, and marine resources), integrated management and protection of natural resources, adaptation to climate change, sustainable territorial planning and development of environmental impact monitoring and evaluation, and environmental pollution control.

Natural Geography

Full-time course, duration 4 years; Diploma “Bachelor of Natural Geography”.

Graduates will achieve the methodology and research methods of geography, deep understanding of the subject matter and the role of natural geography in social life. Graduates are capable of applying knowledge in doing scientific research. Simultaneously, they can continue studying at higher level and accumulating knowledge from practical activities to become consultants, reviewers, plan makers and executors of projects.

2. Master programs

Natural Resources and Environmental Management

Natural Resources and Environmental Management: Course duration 2 years; Diploma ”Master of Natural Resources and Environmental Management”.

The training program equips the trainees with interdisciplinary knowledge of managing, utilizing, and recycling resources; Preserving biodiversity, protecting  environment, and sustainable development. Graduates will be able to do research, analyze, synthesize, evaluate, and propose scientific solutions to settle problems in practical activities of exploitation, protection, conservation, management of natural resources and biodiversity at local, national and regional levels; carry out the planning, forecasting, prevention and treatment of natural and environmental hazards in the exploitation of natural resources, contributing to the sustainable development objectives at regional and local levels.

Teaching staff with doctoral degree

No. Full name Email/Phone Research fields

Dr. Ngo Van Gioi




- Land environment

- Environmental management

- Environmental impact assessment (EIA)

2 Dr. Van Huu Tap



- Environmental technology

- Waste water treatment


Dr. Nguyen Thi Phuong Mai



- Natural disasters

- Community forestry

4 Dr. Kieu Quoc Lap



- Maps

- Geographic information system (GIS)

- Remote sensing application in natural resources and environment management
5 Dr. Do Thi Van Huong



- Natural resources

- Climate change


Dr. Chu Thanh Huy



- Eco-tourism

Dr. Vi Thuy Linh



- Biodiversity

Dr. Phi Dinh Khuong



- Environment and sustainable development


1. Research

Research orientations

1. Research on technology of industrial waste water treatment, domestic waste water, water leaks.

2. Study on technology of solid waste treatment.

3. Research on status, impact, vulnerability, and solutions to climate change.

4. Study on the use of bio-charcoal for land improvement, heavy metals treatment in soil, waste water treatment.

5. Study bioclimate models, GIS and applications.

6. Research on treatment, restoration and rehabilitation of the land after mining.

7. Research on the use of bio-coal for soil improvement, and environmental pollution treatment.

8. Research, application, and assessment of land adaptability.

9. Study bio-climate and agricultural climate.

10. Study tourism in economic development and environmental protection.

11. In-depth research on some basic physico-chemical properties of soil.

12. Research on pollution problems and solutions to improve rural, urban, industrial and handicraft environments.

13. Research and assessment on the sustainability of socio-economic and specific sectors.

14. Researching and evaluation for socio-economic development planning and branch planning.

2. International cooperation

The faculty has signed a memorandum of cooperation on training and research with the Faculty of Natural Resources Management and Landscape Planning, Faculty of Forestry, Georg-August Göttingen University, The Federal Republic of Germany since 2015.

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