Faculty of Journalism, Communication and Literature


The Faculty of Journalism, Communication and Literature was established in 2006, responsible for training human resources at bachelor and master degrees, and doing researches in the fields of Literature, Tourism, Vietnam Studies and Journalism.

In order to meet the current social needs and international integration, the Faculty actively combines theoretical knowledge with practice in training; enhance professional skills, diversify learning forms and environments.

In addition, the Faculty has organized many events, extracurricular programs with high professional quality, positive social effects, which contributes effectively to the training and practice such as: Sweet Autumn; Trinh Cong Son - A heart; Mother worship religion through Hau Dong ritual; Vietnamese Tet; Rural market; Contemporary newspapers and social life; Tourist routes; Reading Day.

Organizational structure and staff

At present, the Faculty of Journalism, Communication and Literature has 40 teaching staff with intensive professional knowledge, enthusiasm, and qualifications graduated from many domestic and international prestigious institutes, universities.

Training programs

1. Bachelor programs


Common basic knowledge

Required Modules (9 modules): General linguistics, Fieldwork Method, Chinese-Vietnamese script 1, Chinese-Vietnamese script 2, Tay Nung 1, Tay Nung 2, Literary Theory, Literary genres, Literary works.

Optional modules (6 modules): General media press, Communication skills, Language in editing and publishing work, Cultural festivals of the Northern mountainous Ethnic Minorities, Literature and Cinema, Comparative Literature.

Professional and supplementary knowledge

Required modules (15 modules): Folklore, Vietnamese Literature in the 10th Century - the first half of the 18th Century, English for Specific Purposes, Vietnamese Phonetic, Vietnamese Vocabulary and Semantics, Vietnamese Literature in the Second Half of the Eighteenth Century - XIX Century, Vietnamese Grammar, Chinese Literature, Vietnamese Language Learning, Vietnamese Literature 1900 - 1945, Vietnamese Literature 1945 to Present, European Literature, Professional Practice, Creative Writing, Traineeship.

Optional modules (10 modules): Ancient Greek Literature - Western Renaissance, Japanese Literature, Indian Literature, Russian Literature, Literature of the Northern Mountainous Ethnic Minorities, Social Linguistics, Some Methods of Composition and Modern critical movement, Vietnamese pragmatics, script transformation.


Common basic knowledge

Basic principles of Marxism-Leninism; Ho Chi Minh ideology; General informatics; History of the Vietnamese Communist Party; English (1,2,3); General law.

Professional and supplementary knowledge

Theories of journalism, Press photos, Interviewing skills, Editing writing texts, Internet communications, Public relation communications, Press works, Press language, Organization of press agencies, Law and ethics of the press, Production of radio and television works, Writing skills for electronic newspapers, Design of printed newspapers.

Tourism and Travel Administration

General basic knowledge

Introduction to Tourism Science, Community Tourism, Tourism Geography, English for Tourism, Ecotourism, Tourism Marketing, Sustainable Tourism Development , Travel business management.

Professional and supplementary knowledge

- Major in hotel, restaurant: Basic hotel and restaurant service skills, English for restaurants - hotels, Supplementary business services, Bar services, etc.

- Major in Travel and Guides: Tour guide competency, English for Tour Guide, Animation skills, Vietnamese customs and festivals, spiritual tourism, custom and tourist psychology; tourist Routes, etc.

 2. Master programs

Master of Vietnamese Literature

Course Duration: 2 years

Diploma: Master of Vietnamese Language and Culture

The training course is well-designed and updated to provide advanced knowledge about the history of Vietnamese literature from the Middle to modern age, as well as theoretical issues of the East and the West related to the national literature; thereby, enhancing the capacity to do research, teach, manage, and work in other relevant environments. 

Teaching staff with doctoral degree

No. Full name Research fields/orientations Contact
1 Assoc.Prof. Pham Thi Phuong Thai - Literature: Vietnamese Literature, Ethnic Literature

- Culture: Ethnic minority cultures; Culture and tourism

Mobile: +84.913354944

Email: phamphuongthai@gmail.com

2 Dr. Vu Thi Hanh

- Literary theories

- Vietnamese Literature

- Culture

Mobile: +84.984364766

Email: vuhanhk48@gmail.com


Dr. Bui Linh Hue

- Foreign literature

- Culture

- Discourse study

- Vietnamese modern literature

Mobile: +84.949310642

Email: huebui81@gmail.com

4 Dr. Nguyen Thi Thanh Ngan - Linguistics: Syntax, Vocabulary, Semantics, Pragmatics

Mobile: +84.988115018

Email: ngannthanh@gmail.com

5 Dr. Nguyen Dieu Linh

- Vietnamese modern literature

Mobile: +84.975190882

Email: dieulinhkhtn@gmail.com


Dr. Hoang Thi Tuyet Mai

- Vietnamese literature

- Culture

Mobile: +84.986222413

Email: tuyetmaidhkh@gmail.com


Dr. Nguyen Thi Thu Trang


- Vietnamese syntax

- Vietnamese pragmatics

Mobile: +84.942818860

Email: thutrangtnxh@gmail.com


2011 - 2016: The Faculty of Literature & Sociology has 116 papers published on domestic journals, and 2 papers published in international journal.

Projects have been implementing:

- 1 State-level project

- 5 minister-level projects

- 7 university-level projects

Website: Faculty of Literature & Sociology