Faculty of Mathematics & Informatics


The Faculty of Mathematics & Informatics was established on 02nd April, 2009.

Training programs

1. Bachelor programs


Full-time course; Duration: 4 years; Diploma: “Bachelor of Science in Mathematics”. Training outcomes: university graduates with basic and specialized knowledge in mathematics, mastering some basic programming languages, mathematical algorithms and software.

Bachelor of Mathematics can study different aspects of Maths in research institutes, centers, universities; work for state administrative agencies, production and business establishments in the fields of finance, banking, accounting, post, telecommunications, securities, statistics, etc.; teach Maths at universities, colleges, vocational schools, and high school.

Applied Mathematics (Applied Maths - Informatics)

Full-time course; duration 4 years; diploma “Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics” major in Applied Maths - Informatics. Learners will be equipped with basic and specialized knowledge of applied Maths - informatics in order to work in the fields of science, technology, and socioeconomics.

Bachelors in Applied Mathematics - Informatics can work for software companies, website designing companies, and software manufacturers; work for consulting design and network solution companies offering information technology solutions for businesses; operate and develop information technology for agencies, factories, banks, enterprises, universities, colleges, vocational schools, research and technology transfer institutes in the field of information technology.

2. Master programs

Applied Mathematics

Course duration - 2 years; Diploma “Master of Mathematics”; Trainees are equipped with advanced and up-to-date knowledge of applied mathematics.

Elementary Mathematical Methods

Course duration - 2 years; Diploma “Master of Mathematics”; Trainees are equipped with advanced and up-to-date knowledge, teaching and researching skills in general Maths.

3. Doctoral programs

Algebra and Number Theory

Course duration 3-4 years; Diploma “Doctor of Mathematics” major in “Algebra and Number Theory”; Candidates will acquire a system of specialized knowledge of Algebra and Number Theory; be capable of studying, and applying the results of  Algebra and Number Theory, teaching Algebra and Number Theory at universities, colleges; be creative and dependent to do research, guide trainees to do scientific research.

Applied Mathematics

Course duration 3-4 years; Diploma “Doctor of Mathematics” major in “applied mathematics”; Candidate will be equipped with a system of specialized knowledge of applied mathematics; be able to simulate mathematical problems in the natural and social sciences into mathematical problems and apply mathematical knowledge to solve as well as the ability to study and teach applied mathematics.

Teaching staff with doctoral degree

No. Full name Email Research fields
1 Assoc.Prof. Nong Quoc Chinh chinhnq@tnus.edu.vn

- Variable differential range

- The set of prime ideals

- Cohen-Macaulay ring

2 Dr. Ngo Van Dinh dinh.ngo@tnus.edu.vn

- Group Representation Theory

- Group Theory


Assoc. Prof. Trinh Thanh Hai

Uni. Board President


- Elementary Mathematical teaching methods

- ICT application in teaching Mathematics

4 Dr. Vu Hai Hieu hieuvh@tnus.edu.vn

- Natural language processing

- Web semantics

- Data mining

- Machine learning

5 Dr. Bui Viet Huong huongbv@tnus.edu.vn

- Differential equation

- Inverse problems

- Ill-posed problems

- Numerical methods


Dr. Nguyen Duc Lang

Deputy Rector


- The differential variation inequality

- Fixed-point problem

- Linear algebra

- General Algebra

- Database


Prof.Dr. Le Thi Thanh Nhan



- Ring structure and modules

- Local cohomology modules


Dr. Tran Xuan Quy


- Random measure

- Random operators


Dr. Nguyen Thanh Son


- Model order reduction

- Numerical methods

- Computational mathematics

- Linear algebra


Dr. Mai Viet Thuan


- The qualitative characteristics of delay differential equations

- Study hull of a set attained for class dynamical with time delay

- An estimate state problem for class dynamical with time delay

- Qualitative characteristics of the fractional differential equation system


Assoc. Prof. Nguyen Thi Thu Thuy



- Ill-posed problems

- The differential variational inequality

- Balance problem

- Monotone operator equations

- Fixed-point problem


Dr. Truong Minh Tuyen

Vice Dean


- The differential variational inequality

- Monotone operator equations

- Balance problem

- Optimal theory


1. Researches

Research topics at all levels

The Faculty members have implemented 3 projects at state level, 10 projects at ministry-level, 19 projects at university level and many othertopics at grassroots level.

Publication (ISI and Scopus articles)

In the period 2011 - 2016: the Faculty members have published 67 papers in the SCI, SCIE, SCOPUS and other international/domestic journals.


1 Kovalevskaia Award

1 Scientific Prize of the Mathematics Institute

2 Second Prizes of “Vietnam Young Scientist Award”

12 Math works rewarded

2. International cooperation

Deakin University, Australia

Institute of Mathematics, University of Augsburg, Germany

National Sun Yat-sen University, Taiwan

Kyungnam University, Korea

Paris Diderot University (Paris 7) - France


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