Faculty of Biotechnology


The Faculty of Biotechnology was established in 2002.

The faculty has 20 teaching staff including 7 PhDs, 3 PhD candidates, 4 Masters, and 6 Bachelors.

The Faculty of Biotechnology has published over 30 papers on ISI journals with high impact indexes. Especially, the Faculty has also associated with many scientists from developed countries in the world such as France, Korea, China, and participated in joint-research projects.

The Faculty of Biotechnology is one of the leading in schools in research applications. Many scientific products of the Faculty have been experimentally produced and introduced to the market. Some have been used in hospitals to diagnose genetic diseases, human infections, and herbal medicines in disease treatment. At present, the Faculty is focusing on products with high scientific content and great applicability to meet the demand of modern society.

Training programs

1. Bachelor programs

Full-time course, duration: 4 years. Students have to earn at least 135 credits to be considered “Graduated”.


- Biology, including 3 majors: Experimental biology, Biophysics and Biomedicine

- Biotechnology, including 3 majors: Microbial Technology, Biochemical Technology, Genetic Engineering.

2. Master programs


- Enrollment time: April and September every year.

- Course duration: 2 years

- Number of credits: 60

- Diploma (in Vietnamese and English): Master of Biotechnology

3. Doctoral programs

- Course title: Biochemistry

- Education level: Ph.D

- Duration: 3-4 years

Teaching staff with doctoral degree

No. Name and Position Research fields/Orientations

Dr. Nguyen Phu Hung

Position: Vice Dean (since May, 2017)

Office Tel: +84.208.3903353

Email: hungnguyenphu@tnus.edu.vn

Major: Molecular genetics

- Molecular and cell biology of cancer.

- Stomach cancer stem cells.

- Cancer targeting method.


Dr. Hoang Thi Thu Yen

Position: Vice Dean (since 2012)

Office Tel: +84.208.3903353

Mobile No.: +84.982.752.153

Email: yenhtt@tnus.edu.vn

Major: Molecular Genetics and Biology


- Diversity of plant genomes.

- cDNA library.

- Bio-products.

- Study the structures and functions of genes.


Dr. Nguyen Thi Hai Yen

Position: Vice Dean

Office Tel: +84.208.3903353

Mobile No.: +84.981.220.379

Email: nguyenhaiyensh@gmail.com

Major: Genetics and Cell technology


- Application of cell technology for the propagation and conservation of plant gene sources.

- Application of genetic technology in plant breeding.

- Biotechnology in Agriculture.


Dr. Vu Thi Lan

Office Tel: +84.208.3903353

Mobile No.: +84.914.504.250

Email: nguyenhaiyensh@gmail.com

Major: Plant Physiology, Plant Biotechnology


- Application of cell technology for propagation and conservation of plant gene sources.

- Application of gene technology in generating transgenic plants.

- Biotechnology in Agriculture.


Dr. Trinh Dinh Kha

Position: Head of Division

Office Tel: +84.208.3903353

Mobile No.: +84.983.034.876

Email: khatd@tnus.edu.vn

Major: Biochemistry, Molecular Biology


- Enzyme.

- Gene selection and expression.

- Biotechnology in Agriculture.

- Nano-materials in biology.


Dr. Le Thi Thanh Huong

Position: Head of Division

Date of birth: January 25th 1982

Office Tel: +84.208.3903353

Mobile No.: +84.988 478975

Email: lehuonga1k52@gmail.com/huongltt@tnus.edu.vn

Major: Plant and Biodiversity


- Make plans for research, collection and preservation of plant samples.

- Define the scientific names for the plant samples.

- GPS positioning and digital mapping for preserved medicinal plants.

- Investigate the traditional experience in using medicinal plants to treat diseases in the ethnic communities.

- Collaborate with botany and ethnology experts to do research and write reports.


Dr. Nguyen Thi Kim Cuc

Mobile No.: +84.919.823.345

Email: cucntk@tnus.edu.vn

Major: Molecular Biology, Biochemical Immunology


- Microorganisms against insects;

- Biomedicine cancer, aging.


Dr. Truong Phuc Hung               

Position: Faculty Secretary

Mobile No.: +84.987.011.777

Email: phuchung.dhkh@gmail.com

Major: Microbiology


- Research on the production of insecticides from bacillus thuringiensis in safe agriculture.

- Research on manufacturing anti-mosquito larvae products from bacillus thuringiensis.

- Assess potential harms of transgenic plants to soil environment.

- Study the impact of soil organisms on the existence of Cry toxins from Bt and GM crops in soil.

- Study the impact of Cry toxicity on soil organisms from transgenic plants.


1. Researches

International articles on ISI journals

28 articles, 5 of those were published on prestigious journals on Cancer (Clinical Cancer Research, Oncogene, Molecular Therapy), Aging cells, Bio-pesticides in environmental control and protection (European Journal of Soil Science, Pest Management Science).

Research projects

11 at ministry-level (2 of those are in progress); 2 at provincial level (in progress); and many other university-level projects have been done or in progress.


6 awards for excellent academic lecturers; 2 of those are university awards (Dr. Nguyen Thi Kim Cuc - Scientific Research Award from Chonnam National University Medical college, Korea); Dr. Le Thi Thanh Huong - Thai Nguyen University), 1 award (Dr. Nguyen Thi Kim Cuc - first prize for scientific research from Vaccine Research and Development Institute of Chonnam National University, Korea), 3 “Vietnam Young Science Talent” Awards (Dr. Trinh Dinh Kha); and 14 prizes for scientific research students, 7 of those are minister-level and equivalent awards, 6 provincial awards (3 first prizes) and 1 Thai Nguyen university award (first prize).

Research groups

Biomedicine, fungi development, plant tissue culture, research and develop biological products from microorganisms, and genome research.

2. International cooperation

The Faculty of Biotechnology has been developing cooperation programs with a number of institutes and universities in France, South Korea and China to enhance the ability of doing research, student exchange. At present, the Faculty has intimate relationship with the two key laboratories of the French Institute of Health and Medical Research (U1053, U1235).

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