Faculty of Basic Sciences


The Faculty of Basic Sciences was established on 20th March, 2008.

At present, the Faculty has 25 full-time officials and lecturers; 4 part-time lecturers (2 PhDs, 5 PhD candidates, 18 Masters).

The Faculty of Basic Sciences is made up of 4 sectors: English, Political Theory, Physical Education, and Library.

Training programs

Bachelor of Library Science

Full-time course, duration 4 years; Diploma “Bachelor of Science in Library”.

The program equips students with high political quality, morality, health, basic knowledge about library work - school facilities, IT skills in order to meet the requirements of library operation.

Bachelor of English for Tourism

Full-time course, duration 4 years; Diploma “Bachelor of English for Tourism”.

The program is aimed at generating excellent graduates in English language (at least level C1 of CEFR or equivalent), with professional skills, high political quality, morality, and health in order to work effectively in the field of Tourism; especially, tour guide, State enterprises, agencies, or foreign-invested companies in Tourism-Hotel sectors which require English. Graduates can work as managers, receptionists in hotels restaurants, or tour guides. This will contribute to development of tourism in general and the tourism development of the Northern midland and mountainous areas in particular during the process of regional and international integration.      


Full name Position Email
Dr. Cao Duy Trinh  Dean  trinhcd2014@yahoo.com
Dr. Le Trung Kien  Vice Dean  kiensutr@yahoo.com
MSc. Phan Thi Hoa  Vice Dean  phanhoa83@gmail.com
Hoang Thi Hong Ha  Office staff  honghaqmtqmt@gmail.com
MSc. Nguyen Thi Que  Head of English Division  quenguyentnu@gmail.com
MSc. Duong Thi Thao  Deputy Head of English Division  duongthao1980@gmail.com
MSc. Trinh Thi Nghia  Head Political theory Division  trinhnghiadhkh@gmail.com
MSc. Ha Thi Thu Hien  Head of Library Science Division  thuhieu13800@gmail.com
MSc. Do Thai Phong  Head of Physical Education Division  dothaiphongdhkh@gmail.com

Research orientations

English: Linguistics and Teaching methods

Political theory: Basic principles, Ho Chi Minh Ideology

Website: Faculty of Basic Sciences