Division of History


The Division of History was established in May, 2006.

Training programs

Bachelor Program

  • History of the Vietnamese Communist Party
  • Party Building and Government Administration

Vietnam Communist Party History Program provides general knowledge about natural science, social and humanities, basic and in-depth knowledge of the process of People History and process of human history. The program is flexible and has many modules for students to choose.

Master's Proram

  • History of the Communist Party of Vietnam

The program is designed to train highly qualified human resources to serve state agencies and unions that use historical knowledge. In addition, it also satisfies the training of highly qualified teaching staff for universities, colleges, and high schools.

Teaching staff with doctoral degree

No. Full name E-mail address Research fields

Dr. Nguyen Minh Tuan


tuannm@tnus.edu.vn History of the Vietnamese Communist Party
2 Dr. Hoang Van Tuan tuanhv@tnus.edu.vn World history
3 Dr. Doan Thi Yen yendt@tnus.edu.vn History of the Vietnamese Communist Party
4 Dr. Do Hang Nga ngadh@tnus.edu.vn Vietnamese History
5 Dr. Duong Thi Huyen huyendt@tnus.edu.vn World history
6 Dr. Nguyen Van Duc ducnv@tnus.edu.vn History of the Vietnamese Communist Party


Over 60 articles were published in national and local journals.

Nearly 50 student researches have been successfully defended and one of those got third prize in the “Vietnam Young Scientist Award” for students held by MOET.

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