Master of Resource & Environmental Management


This training program will equip trainees with postgraduate knowledge, enhancing practical skills in order to build a team of scientists with high political and ethical qualities; sense of serving the people; solid expertise; ability to practice and adjust to the rapid development of science and technology; to be able to detect and solve problems in the field of Natural Resources and Environmental Management to serve the cause of socio-economic development of Vietnam in general and the Northern midland and mountainous areas in particular.

Sumary Detail

Fulltime: 2 years (4 semesters)

Total credit: 60 credits

Training Result

Graduates will be able to work for State management agencies from central to local levels related to environment and resources, protected areas, national parks; management boards of industrial zones; production and business facilities; international organizations, non-governmental organizations; teach and do research at universities, colleges, institutes; and participate in international cooperation in research, training, and counseling.