Welcome to Thai Nguyen University of Sciences!

In the first place, on behalf of the Board of Rectors of the University of Sciences, I would extend my best wishes to our students and our partners: the universities, academies, organizations, enterprises and local authorities.

As a member unit of Thai Nguyen University, the University of Sciences has the mission of training graduate and undergraduate students in different fields of natural and social sciences such as Law, Tourism, Journalism, Social Work, Science Management, Literature, Vietnamese Studies, History, Information Geography, Library, English Language, Natural Resources & Environment Management, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Physics and Maths & Informatics. Especially, we offer high-quality programs including Laboratory Engineering, Bio-medical Technology (in Biotechnology), Hotel & Resort Administration (in Tourism), and Law Services (in Law). We have master-degree courses of Applied Mathematics, Primary Mathematics, Optics, Analytical Chemistry, Biotechnology, Vietnamese Literature, Natural Resources & Environment Management, and Vietnamese Communist Party History. We are giving doctoral courses in Algebra & Number Theory, Biological Chemistry and Applied Mathematics.

With prestigious training programs by young, qualified and enthusiastic lecturers, we set out the task of supporting students to achieve their success. Over the past 18 years, our students have done suitable jobs with stable incomes, and they have satisfied the employers with their qualification, knowledge, independent thinking, research ability, professional working style, skills and dynamic flexibilities. At the same time, we have effectively cooperated with many education partners at home and abroad to train and retrain for the human resources in various fields.

Besides our successful training, scientific research is another major strength of our University. In the last years, the University has always been in the leading position of Thai Nguyen University in terms of international publications. Every year, there are regularly 45-60 works published in the prestigious international journals of ISI. Young lecturers and students have won many national scientific research awards. Especially, scientists in the University have been conducting many basic scientific research projects, applying and transferring technologies at the national, ministerial and provincial levels.

We create a friendly, healthy and respectful education environment. The University of Sciences is always a good choice for many students and learners on their journeys to success.

Developing the University into a key unit of Thai Nguyen University and the region is our goal, for our interests as well as to meet the expectation of all the enterprises, the local authorities and the society. Therefore, we always welcome the cooperation, support and companionship of the organizations and enterprises, the students and learners at home and abroad.

Many Thanks and Best Regards.



Assoc. Prof. Nguyen Van Dang (Ph.D)