Martial Arts Club

To train health for students, especially to gather those who are interested in martial arts together.

Happiness Hand Club

- To connect students who love volunteering activities; create playground for students

- Organize frequent exchange learning activities, developing the unity, and  sharing among the club members.

Green Science Club

- Organize propaganda activities for a green, clean and beautiful environment.

- Organize labour activities for the club members.

Communication Club

Propagate the activities of the school, union; take photos and write posts about those activities in order to create a healthy, useful and exciting playground, unity environment in learning and training for students and youth union members.

Young Lawyer Club

Create playground for all students, especially students of Law, including probationary trials to help graduates quickly integrate in their work.

English Club

- Offer useful playground for students, gathering those who love English, and help them improve their foreign language.

- Establish an environment for studying exchange and practicing English.

- Generate healthy environment to enrich students’ life.

- Help the club members feel confident and active in communication.

Security Volunteer Club

Support the union activities, the school’s missions, and the security order of the school; help students get engaged in volunteer work.

Collaborators Club

- Support the Youth union in planning and organizing activities for students.

- Support the organization of programs for the school and union activities.

Youth blood donation campaign

One drop of blood given, one life saved. The blood donation club has propagated and mobilized many students to donate thousands of blood units.