Institute of Science and Technology



The Institute of Science and Technology – Thai Nguyen University was established under the Decision No. 529/QD-TNC of Thai Nguyen University (TNU), signed on March 18th, 2016. It's located at Thai Nguyen University of Sciences.

The institute operates the functions of scientific research, technology transfer, and applications in the field of natural sciences and humanities; undergraduate and graduate training, and carries out scientific and technological services as prescribed by law and other tasks assigned by the Director of TNU.


1. Research

- Independently implement research projects in the fields of natural sciences and humanities.

- Coordinate with domestic and foreign scientific organizations, agencies, and scientists to conduct scientific research in the fields of natural sciences and humanities.

2. Education and training

-  Coordinate with training departments and specialized faculties of member institutions,  and schools under TNU to train high-level scientists: PhD, master, promoting expertise for Bachelor graduates in the fields of natural sciences and humanities.

- Collaborate with other faculties of the same speciality in the University to supply practical training of subjects in the natural sciences and humanities.

3. Technology transfer

Implementing the transfer of scientific and technological advances in the fields of natural sciences and humanities to organizations, individuals, enterprises and localities in the northern mountainous areas and in the whole country.

4. Services

- Organizing training and granting certificates for the promotion of professional skills and qualifications of office staffs, lecturers, students and other subjects having demands in the fields of natural sciences and humanities.

- Carrying out environmental monitoring, environmental impact assessment, food quality, animal feed assessment, and other analytical criteria in natural sciences supporting scientific research themes at all levels, and socio-economic development projects.

- Carrying out need analysis of services for production and business activities of economic organizations, environmental management activities, scientific and technological programs of organizations and individuals throughout the country.

- Doing research, technology transfer, production and commercialization of natural products used in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food and functional foods, clean foods to meet social needs.

- Implementing the transfer of advanced technologies, consistent with the competitive local community.


1. Doing research and applying technology into production

- Defining scientific and technological tasks and measures to implement.

- Implementing scientific and technological tasks assigned or ordered by the State agencies, and ensuring the quality and progress as required.

- Managing and implementing scientific and technological projects of TNU.

- Participating in the selection and bidding for the performance of the State’s scientific and technological tasks, and proposing measures to implement.

- Searching, transferring an conducting new scientific research applications into production through economic contracts of the Institute of Science and Technology and TNU.

- The research activities focus on scientific research themes and projects in the field of natural sciences and humanities.

- Technology transfer focuses on consulting, investing and transferring scientific research results in the field of natural sciences and humanities to the localities in the Northern mountainous areas and the whole country.

2. Education and training

- Instructing students to study and practice professional skills in some key fields of TNU in Natural Sciences and Society.

- Guiding students to do traineeship before their graduation with scientific research works which serve specific production.

- Guiding students to do master’s and doctoral theses.

- Opening courses to train, foster and update knowledge for the staffs, lecturers and other subjects inside and outside the University.

3. Other missions

- International cooperation: expanding cooperation, joint ventures and combination with domestic and foreign organizations in training, scientific research, technology transfer and implementation of projects supporting the production, training programs, other scientific and technological services for the socio-economic development of the region.

- Managing research establishments of the Institute of Science and Technology including specialized laboratories and other experimental facilities.

- Keeping records of scientific research works and production services presided by the Institute of Science and Technology.

- Carrying out the training, promotion, evaluationg and managment of the staffs; emulation and reward; working policy in the Institute; Organizing emulation, inspection, management and use of facilities, financial equipment, etc, in accordance with the law and authority of TNU.

- Performing other tasks as prescribed by law and by TNU.


Tel: +84.2083.351.166


Location: Main Building, 5th Floor, Room 508

Website: Institute of Science & Technology