TNUS Students Won the First Prize in the Competition of “Climate Change and Life”

On the morning December 24th 2017, at the headquarter of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MONRE), the Environment and Life Magazine awarded prizes for the "Climate Change for Life" competion with the theme: Floods, Droughts and Our Actions. This is a contest launched by the Environment and Life Magazine to raise awareness and responsibility of the young generation, especially students, in adaptation to climate change, mitigating greenhouse gas emissions, through which, they have correct actions to climate change by the highly applicable initiatives, solutions, and models. After more than 3 months of launching, the organizers had received more than 516 writings, pictures, video clips... from universities in the country. The judges said that, the submitted works was based on the contest topic. They not only analyzed how droughts and floods are but also gave the possible solutions.

Authors of Top 10 works received certificate of merit

The competition attracted the participations of students of Environment Sciences, Law and Journalism, Thai Nguyen University of Scienes (TNUS). Among TNUS students’ works, clips "Chuyện ngày Tết" (The story of the New Year) and "Mẹ Trái đất" (Earth Mother) submited by students of Faculty of Environment and Earth Sciences (FEES) are on the Top 10 in the final round of the competition.  

At the awards ceremony, the organizers presented one of the most read articles, one of the most viewed videos, prizes for individual and group of participants. The emotion of lecturers and students from the FEES, TNUS, attending the ceremony, was blossomed when the MC announced the first prize of the competition for Clip "Mother Earth" by students of TNUS.

Mr Nguyen Linh Ngoc, Vice Minister of MONRE awarded the first prizes to individuals and groups.

Clip "Mother Earth", by Bui Cong Manh, Lu Thi Quynh, Vu Van Thanh, Soi Cam Huyen Trang, Tran Thi Kim Thuong and Dang Quang Vu, presents on the fact that the human is destroying the environment, devasting forests to build houses and industrial zones causing frequently droughts, floods which the Earth mother is suffering. Clip also gives the solutions to reduce climate change and its effects on the human.

Although it was not rewarded, "The Story of New Year" by Nguyen Viet Nga, Nguyen Thi Hien, Nguyen Minh Hieu, Nguyen Minh Dang, Vu Manh Vuong and Le Minh Huyen was also highly appreciated by the examiners. Video reflects direct influences of climate change to human life. Especially in the Central Highland, droughts caused dead of thousands hectares of coffee. Climate change makes the daily life more difficult, that changes some traditional features of the Tet holiday. The story was performed naturally by the authors themselves. The solutions are ingeniously integrated through the conversation of  the family members when preparing for Tet.      

Lecturers and students of Thai Nguyen University of Sciences at the awards ceremony

Through the their works, the students of the FEES, TNUS have shown the intergration between theories and real life, then applied them in spreading the message through communication works. After the ceremony, students did not forget to send their sincere thanks to the teachers of the FEES, especially the teachers in the Division of Environmental Management, who always support, mentor them to complete their works in the best way possible.

After the ceremony, the Organizing Committee officially launched the "Climate Change and Life" contest in 2018

on the theme "Drought and Salinity Intrusion"


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