Doctor of Biochemistry


- Candidates will be systematically trained in the science of biochemistry, biology and biotechnology.

- Obtain solid understandings, and be able to explain the principles, biological processes at different levels of life sciences; understand basic and advanced knowledge in biochemistry.

- Candidates will be equipped with scientific research methods in the field of biology in general and biochemistry in particular.

- Candidates will be equipped with knowledge to participate in national and international research programs and projects related to biotechnology; Be capable of reading English documents; writing professional reports in both Vietnamese and English; communicating, presenting reports in Vietnamese and English.

Sumary Detail

Trainning Period: 3 - 4 years

Training Result

Doctors of Biochemistry will be able to teach biology in general and biochemistry in particular at universities and colleges; work in labs of research institutes, production establishments, medical and pharmaceutical facilities, agriculture, National defense, etc., and many other positions that have the need to deploy biotechnology and biochemistry in economic development as expert advisors.