Faculty of Law and Social Management

Training programs

The Faculty of Law & Social Management has sectors of social sciences and humanities including Law, Management Sciences and Social Work.

1. Bachelor of Law

Training Bachelor of Law in 4 majors (Criminal Law, Civil Law, Economic Law, and Administrative – Constitutional Law). The training programs are implemented under the model of application and practice. Students are equipped with not only the theoretical knowledge but also 3 traineeship modules in state administrative and judicial agencies. Students have opportunities to practice legal counseling, Court probation, investigative skills and law dissemination at the University Practice Center and associated units such as law firms, notary offices, etc.

Law training is provided by experienced professors, associate professors, doctors, masters in research, and activist managers throughout the country such as: Lawyers, judges, procurators, senior experts, executors, notaries, auctioneers, etc.

The goal of law training is to generate human resources to deal well with professional issues in the field of law.

2. Bachelor of Management Sciences

Training Bachelor degree in Human Resource Management, Social and Social Policy Management, Cultural – Ethnic – Religious Management, Science and Technology Management. The training program is designed flexibly, combining theory and practice.

3. Bachelor of Social Work

Training bachelor degree in Social Work under the model of application and practice. Students are equipped with not only the theoretical knowledge but also 03 traineeship modules in state administrative agencies, units under the management of administrative agencies (centers, research institutes, etc.). Students will have opportunities to practice psychological counseling, psychotherapy, problem-detecting and solving skills of disadvantaged groups, weak communities. The common goal of the program is to generate human resources with broad knowledge of social issues, interpersonal skills, social problem solving at individual, group, community and social levels.

Graduates will have ability to advise, develop social policies to meet the needs of the country; having full ethical-professional qualities, personal ethics and social morality to practice profession in state agencies, businesses, social, political, and foreign-funded organizations in order to build a country of prosperity, equality, democracy, integration and progress.

The Social Work is provided by experienced Professors, Associate Professors, PhD., M.S. in research and profession.

Teaching staff

08 full-time PhD.; 35 M.S. (including 9 PhD. candidates); In addition, the Faculty also has visiting lecturers, scientists at research, training and practice centers throughout the country to carry out teaching and practicing.

Learning materials

The book list for the 3 branches includes over 1000 textbooks monographs and reference documents. Especially, the Faculty Library owns over 1000 professional journals in law and management sciences, and theses; The Faculty also has a practicing center with more than 500 records of all cases for students to study.

Research orientations

In order to promote the advantages of local human resources, social needs, the research directions mainly focus on:

1. Law: Studying issues of customary law of the ethnic minorities in the Northeast areas; Solutions to improve the effectiveness of law and law enforcement in state management in the mountainous, ethnic minority areas; Ethnic policy and equality; Legislation on forest protection and livelihoods of ethnic minorities in the current socio-economic transition.

2. Social Work: Doing research on social work for ethnic minority communities; vulnerable groups in the community; school violence issues; social work for people infected HIV/AIDS; the policy system for different target groups in the community.

3. Management Sciences: Doing research on the local management of sustainable development; management and development of human resources in the Northern mountainous area, ethnic minorities; social policy and social security for the Northern mountainous ethnic minorities; employment solutions for rural workers, ethnic minorities, etc.; cultural - ethnic - religious management in ethnic minority areas, etc.

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