English Language: English for Tourism



- Acquire and apply basic knowledge of English structures in such aspects as phonetics, vocabulary, grammar, so that they can adjust and improve those aspects in practice by themselves.

- Learn about the tourist routes and destinations of key tourist areas in Vietnam so that they can build up tourist programs, participate in tourist tour guides, etc.

- Understand the basic knowledge about Vietnamese tourism resources; learn how to utilize resources for tourism development in a reasonable way; obtain systematic knowledge of labor characteristics in this career, instructional process and methods; tutorials and problem solving.

- Understand the main types of translation and interpretation, necessary steps to  perform translating work; apply techniques to translate sentences, paragraphs and travel documents; apply  techniques in translating and interpreting from Vietnamese into English and vice versa; build up specialized vocabulary related to the Tourism in Vietnam and in the world; Utilize correctly and appropriately the knowledge of the vocabulary, structures in practice.

- Learn how to deal with customers (reservations, customer information, telephone answering, sending faxes ...); Improve vocabulary (frequent words used in hotel, names of food and drink, recipes, etc); expand social knowledge (about famous places, celebrities, historical events, culture, etc.).

Sumary Detail

Fulltime: 4 years (8 semesters)

Total credit: 135 credits

Training Result

After graduation, learners will be able to:

- Work as tour guides, translators, managers or office staff for tourism agencies or tourism and culture centers.

- Work as managers, staff, receptionists, room servants in restaurants, bars, hotels.

- Work for department of foreign affairs; department of culture, sports and tourism; radio and television stations; and state management agencies related to for tourism from central to local levels.

- Work as teachers at colleges and universities of tourism;

- Work for travel magazines, media companies;

- Participate in studying, preserving the culture and development of Vietnam’s tourism at research institutes, departments, branches and unions.

- Work as officers in agencies requiring English.